Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, David Gallardo grew up curious and wanting to tell stories. Whether it was writing short stories or taking photos, he turned this love of the art into a career in filmmaking in which he pursued while majoring in Film at Brooks Institute of Photography. Leaving Brooks in 2007 with a hefty amount of production experience he moved back to his native Los Angeles and began his journey like so many others who pursue their entertainment dreams in Hollywood.

He jump-started his professional career directing fashion films with up and coming fashion brands in Los Angeles. Bringing an eye for raw beauty and a high fashion aesthetic that is currently seen throughout his commercial fashion work and music video work.
The love of storytelling has currently brought him to the documentary world, with David providing a personal look into the lives of several artists ranging from mainstream music acts like Of Monsters and Men, Young Jeezy, and India.Arie to independent artists like Alexander Spit. His documentary work also extends into the fashion world, having collaborated with brands like Beautiful Fül and streetwear veteran FUCT in respective intimate works. Client projects and his love of travel have taken him to Iceland, Cuba, France, Nicaragua, and all over the United States.
David currently lives in Los Angeles and has created video and photo content and branding with various music artists and fashion brands.Clients include; Redbull, Hypebeast, Nike, The Hundreds, FUCT, Supra Footwear, Casio, Island Def Jam, WB Records, Universal Republic, Lee + Lani Swimwear, Beautiful Fül, NCLA, Hoyu/Bigen, Penelope & Coco